How to Face-Sit Like A Pro


How to Face-Sit Like A Pro This popular position is a great way to spice up oral sex. Face sitting (AKA Queening) is a kinky way for the receiving partner to take control of their orgasm. Typically, the bottom partner lies down while the top partner straddles their face. While this may sound a little dangerous, the receiving […]

10 Erotic Games For Your Next Date Night

Erotic Game

10 Erotic Games For Your Next Date Night Looking to try something new for your next date night? Adding playfulness is a great way to spice things up and keep things exciting in the bedroom. Sex games offer a fun way to explore new sensations and discover your partner. These erotic games can create or deepen an […]

Outercourse: Enhance Your Sexual Repertoire

Virtual Intimacy- 6 Tips for a Fulfilling Experience These days, we know that sex can go beyond only penetration. The term “outercourse” was coined in the 1980s when people began exploring options for safer sex. Now, outercourse is a way to explore all the sexy things you can do with another person without intercourse. Removing penetrative sex from […]