Virtual Intimacy- 6 Tips for a Fulfilling Experience

These days, we know that sex can go beyond only penetration. The term “outercourse” was coined in the 1980s when people began exploring options for safer sex. Now, outercourse is a way to explore all the sexy things you can do with another person without intercourse. Removing penetrative sex from the equation can foster anticipation and heightened levels of sexual arousal. It can also be an activity that enhances connection and emotional intimacy between partners.

If you’re interested in expanding your sexual repertoire with this sensual and pleasurable activity, then keep reading.


Making Out

Take it back to your teen years where you’d have hour-long make-out sessions. Women typically require a longer duration of kissing, touching, and caressing to become aroused. Enjoying passionate kissing while exploring each other’s bodies with your hands and lips is a surefire way to enhance your emotional connection by expressing affection and building arousal through this expression of desire. Focus on the erogenous zones and vary the speed and intensity of your actions.

 Mutual Masturbation 

Whether you’re using sex toys or manual stimulation, mutual masturbation is a way to build anticipation by stimulating each other’s genitals. Not only does this allow you to learn what feels good to your partner, but if you follow each other’s directions, it can lead to simultaneous orgasms. The key is communicating what techniques you enjoy, what pace variations you prefer and what intensity. As a bonus, watching each other get off combines the physical stimulation with the visual. 

Dry Humping 

Dry humping is an art form that should not be overlooked, as it can lead to explosive orgasms. You and your partner can experience friction and physical contact through clothing by rhythmically rubbing your bodies and genitals against each other. This mutually pleasurable act not only builds anticipation but can take sexual tension to a higher level. While exploring, try different positions to discover what you and your partner find most pleasurable. You can also vary the speed and pressure until you find what works best.

Nipple Play 

If you are looking to release oxytocin and connect with your partner, look no further than the nipples. Woman or man, the nipples are a highly sensitive erogenous area. Even the slightest stimulation can be extremely arousing and pleasurable. You can stimulate the nipples by gently biting, licking, sucking or by using toys or nipple clamps. Pay attention to your partner’s sensitivity since there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Get Kinky 

The BDSM world practices outercourse in many of their kinky activities. From bondage to role play, to spanking, to humiliation play. Exploring any of these power dynamics can add novelty to your sex life and increase excitement. Fantasies and desires are explored through non-penetrative sex which builds anticipation and sexual tension. If you’re a beginner, start with a blindfold, some light restraints and a sexy scenario you’ve always wanted to try out. Be sure to decide on a safeword beforehand! 


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