Why We Want To Bite When We're Turned On

Sensual Biting

Biting is hot. But why do we feel this strange urge during sex? Turns out, it is infact, not so strange. This is a common feeling that’s linked to evolutionary biology. When we find someone sexy, the urge to bite them is caused by “cute aggression”. This natural reaction occurs when positive stimuli manifest intense feelings, which bring out aggressive tendencies. When feelings get too strong and become too overwhelming, we show affection by giving a little nibble. The good news is the receiver will most likely find this sexy as hell. So embrace this primal instinct (with consent).

Biting and eroticism

Giving your partner a love bite is a form of sexual aggression that is inspired by cute aggression. Feeling intense passion and excitement is all a part of heightened levels of arousal- so here comes the urge to bite because you are so into your partner. Biting is interpreted as an erotic act as it sends a message to your partner that you are in the mood to be flirty and playful. The urge to bite can also manifest from intense feelings of pleasure. Some people bite their partner when they are riding out their orgasm- similar to when your toes instinctively curl, and you grab a fistful of sheets. 

In the heights of passion, biting can be highly erotic for several reasons. We know that pain can equal pleasure when we are engaging in sexual activity. It can feel good to the receiver and indicates to them that you are super turned on by them. The biter, in turn, gets turned on by seeing their bite mark on their partner’s body, kind of like marketing their territory in a way. It’s just another way that sexual desire is manifested. So, don’t feel bad the next time you feel the urge to rip your partner’s clothes off and sink your teeth into their skin.

How to go about biting your partner

1. While we know it is an impulse, get enthusiastic consent before chowing down on someone during sex. Biting can be painful, and some people may not be so into becoming someone’s chew-toy. So get a “hell yes” before you go for it.

2. Start soft before you increase the intensity of the bite. You want to be able to gauge how much your partner can handle. As you see pleasure on their face, proceed to amp up the harshness of your bite.

3. Be mindful of where it is you are biting. Use your discernment in this situation and consider where it would be most pleasurable for your partner to be bitten. If they have a juicy booty, then go for it, but the stomach, for example, isn’t as fleshy, so you could be causing some “bad pain”. Ask your partner which area to be bitten turns them on the most. Typically, it’s the erogenous zones that crave the most attention.

In conclusion, free yourself from all your inhibitions and explore your primal instincts (safely).

Happy biting!

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