Tips for Couples Hiring an Escort for the First Time

If you have been toying with the idea of hiring an escort to join you and your partner in the bedroom, this post has all the tips on how to spice things up without complicating your relationship. If you want something new, without the cheating but all the thrill of pushing boundaries- it’s a threesome with a high-class escort. It’s a way to be sexually free and naughty without posing any consequences to your relationship- if you follow these tips and do it right.

Read on to discover how to bring the ultimate threesome fantasy to life!

1. Ground Rules

In preparation for any threeway, the first step should be communicating boundaries. This will prevent any misunderstandings or a potentially awkward situation. Any concerns, anxieties or insecurities should be openly discussed so, as a team, you can find a solution together. If these intricacies are not discussed beforehand, there could be an unpleasant interruption to the night. You should also clearly outline your goals, needs, and constraints with the escort in advance so everybody is on the same page. Once you and your partner have set these ground rules, you can let loose and enjoy yourselves while respecting each other’s limits.

2. Select an Escort Together

Mutual agreement is key. Selecting an escort as a couple can be a fun process as you can choose a woman that you both like. An escort gallery not only contains photos of gorgeous escorts but also tells you a bit about the personality of the escort and what her favourite sexual activities to engage in are. Half of the fun of this magical threeway is in the preparation and anticipation for your night together!

3. Handling Jealousy

Bringing another woman into the mix could get complicated if not handled correctly. If you are concerned about jealousy, a high-class escort is the perfect person to add to your trio. They have the experience to make it so that no one feels alienated during the experience. There is no need to fear upsetting your partner or risking them feeling left out. While setting ground rules, discuss what things may be non-negotiables. For example, your partner may want to limit specific interactions with the escort. Have the discussions and find out what these things could be before hiring an escort.

4. Prioritise Your Bond

It can be easy to get swept up in the thrill of this threeway, but you should remember that this is as much for you as it is for your partner. You decided to have this threesome together. You chose the escort together. You are in this together. Your relationship should be on solid ground before endeavouring on this adventure. To maintain your emotional connection to each other, treat each other the way you would when you are alone together. If that involves kissing or some inside jokes, do not eliminate them during your threesome.

5. Respect and Courtesy

For the best threeway experience, everyone involved must have a good time. As a couple, you should show the utmost decency and consideration towards the escort. Remember, an escort is there to offer her services. It is your responsibility as a couple to communicate with her how you would like the interaction to go and what the limits are. Always be courteous towards the escort.

6. Aftercare

You just had the night of your life with a beautiful escort and your partner. Now what? Well, one thing is for sure- it is not wise to go on pretending as if that night never happened. This is an experience your partner and you agreed to together, so discuss the events of the night. What was their favourite part? What did they discover they wouldn’t like to do again? Do they want to have another threesome with an escort again in the future? To keep your bond intact and to prevent any residual feelings- talk to each other about it. Not only can this conversation be helpful, but it could also be quite erotic.

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