The Life of an Escort: Dispelling the Myths and Misconceptions

Many people, when they hear the term ‘escorting’ become confused and draw inaccurate conclusions based on fallacies. Myths and misconceptions about the business have caused people to form the wrong idea.

In this article, we will dispel all the myths and misconceptions about escorting. Scroll down to be illuminated on what the life of an escort is really like.

1. It’s the same as prostitution

This is the biggest misconception of all and a little delusional. However iconic, Pretty Woman definitely missed the mark. It’s easy for lines to become blurred as people think that escorting is just another word for prostitution- it is not. An escort provides companionship and sometimes other services, which can include sexual activities. A prostitute is someone who provides sex in exchange for money or goods. It is not the same thing. And to be frank, it is pretty offensive for an escort to be called a prostitute. Escorts are well-paid, open-minded, empowered women who control their schedules and choose which services they provide to clients.

2. It’s only for sex

Believe it or not, not everything is about sex. And not everyone is looking to have sex all the time. Sure, it’s a bonus, but that’s not the only reason people hire escorts. Some people just want to experience romance. To have someone they can share a few hours conversing with over a bottle of wine. Sometimes, sharing what is going on in your life with an outsider, with someone who does not know you, is much easier and more freeing than speaking with those who know you well. Another common situation people hire escorts for is accompaniment to an event or business function so they don’t show up solo. There are many services that a client can seek from an escort beyond a sexual rendezvous.

3. It’s unsafe and dangerous

If there is a myth out there that escorts find particularly funny, it’s this one. Escorting is not unsafe as a screening process is undergone for both escorts and clients. An escort will also never agree to have sex without a condom. It is standard policy to have safe sex- and escorts practice it more than the general population. It does not matter how much the client may push. An escort will tell him to take his business elsewhere. Rest assured, escort services are extremely professional and very safe. A reputable agency holds liability for the safety and consensual nature of all the services they offer.

4. It’s illegal

Trust me, you won’t end up in handcuffs at the end of the night. Thinking that escorting services are illegal could not be further from the truth. Hiring an escort is perfectly legal and within your rights. Many escorting agencies are operating under a high professional standard. They ensure that the services provided by their employees to clients are safe and up to standard. That’s whether the clients are looking for companionship or intimacy. A reputable escorting agency conducts its business above board. So, go on, make a reservation with a lovely woman for the night, and enjoy.

5. It’s only for the wealthy

We can blame social media for this one, or again, movies like Pretty Woman. Escorting services have gained a reputation for being pricey and only for affluent males. This is not the case. Escorting services are priced to be accessible and enjoyable to everyone – whilst providing the escorts with fair pay. You do not need to be wealthy, as any income level can find a service within their budget. Yes, a double booking (two escorts at the same time) is at a heftier price point since you are paying for not only one beautiful lady but two, so these services are costly. But generally, most services will not be costing you more than you spend on a night out.

If you have reached the end of this article, congratulations, you have discovered the truth about the world of escorting. With the common myths and misconceptions debunked, consider why you haven’t yet hired a VIP escort for your next night out!

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