The In's and Out's of Escort Doubles Booking

What is an escort doubles booking? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like- instead of one escort, you get two at the same time. A doubles booking is one of the most common fantasies out there, as almost every man, and even women can say they have thought about having a threesome. It has become so popular in fact, that it has become a trend. Unfortunately, most men rarely get the opportunity to experience it, so this is where double bookings come in. Bring fantasy into reality with two beautiful women, all for yourself.

So what is so alluring about escort doubles booking? Keep reading to find out if booking a doubles experience is right for you.


Observers and Adventurers

Observer or adventurer, whichever one you are, escort duos provide both services. An observer during an escort doubles booking does what the name entails- observers. In this sexual fantasy, the two escorts are engaging in sexual activities with each other while the observer is there to enjoy the show or even join in if you feel like it. At this point, you leave the role of observer behind and join the adventurers. You will know what you feel like doing in the moment, but be sure to communicate this with the ladies. Escort doubles bookings do not only need to be about a threesome. You can also take both ladies out on an intimate dinner date or invite them to a party!


Double The Pleasure

As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”. Literally. Engaging in a duo escort experience promises that you will have two women dedicated to fulfilling your needs and desires. While two escorts are the perfect pair to bring to a trip or dinner date, hiring them to fulfil a kink or fetish is largely the appeal. Escorts are skilled professionals, and most kinks or fetishes are typically enhanced by a third party who knows what they are doing. The enhanced physical experience makes it a no-brainer for why it is the most sought-after fantasy. But the physical aspect is not all, clients also experience heightened psychological pleasure from the adventure and thrill of a new experience.


Have It All

The benefits of booking duo escorts are that you can choose two women who look extremely alike, essentially creating a ‘twin effect’, or you can pick two women who are distinctively different in appearance. A typical fantasy of most men is being with a blonde and a brunette at the same time. Or be it a blonde and a redhead, whatever your kink entails. Being able to choose two different women adds to the excitement of having everything that you desire at the same moment. There is no need to choose between your favourites when you can have them both. A fun tip is that you can even hire a bisexual escort for some girl-on-girl action.


No Threesome Aftermath

Unlike having a threesome with people you know, with escorts, none of the baggage follows. There is no need to worry about a jealous girlfriend or a female friend you can’t make eye contact with anymore. With threesomes, there is also typically an uneven amount of attention given to one person, so one participant always feels left out. With your doubles booking, there is no drama or hurt feelings to consider. It is just a service provided to satisfy you, the client. Since escorts are skilled professionals, they are used to working as a team. If it is your first threesome experience, there is no need to be worried and have any performance anxiety since both girls can guide you through the whole process. The ultimate goal of the experience is for you to be fully present and enjoy yourself.



Treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime rendezvous with an escort doubles booking at Black Lace Escorts. After all, two is always better than one.

If you are ready to plan your night of double-trouble, browse our photo gallery and simply enquire about doubles availability. For bookings call 0400 774 488.