The Do's and Don'ts of Hiring Escorts from Sydney's Premier Agencies

If you’re hiring an escort, you can expect a fun and exciting experience. However, it can also be a little nerve-wracking if it’s your first time. Being informed about the basic rules of etiquette can help you avoid making mistakes and ensure an enjoyable experience.

Read on to learn all the do’s and don’ts of hiring an escort from a premier agency.

The Do’s

Communicating Your Needs and Expectations

The first step in the hiring process is being clear on what type of escort you want and what type of service. By communicating your needs and expectations, you can avoid disappointment because you didn’t tell the agency or the escort what you were after. Whether you want a companion to accompany you to a social event or a girlfriend experience, this needs to be specified to the agency to receive the service you are after. It is imperative that you respect the escort’s boundaries and do not request services that were not discussed before the booking. The agency is there to give you a satisfying experience, so you must communicate your needs and expectations with the agency.

Preparing for the Meeting

Just as you would prepare for a date, you should prepare for the meeting! You want to look your best, well-groomed, dressed appropriately for your meeting with a beautiful woman. You also do not want to waste any of the time you have booked with the escort, so make sure you are punctual. Being on time also shows respect towards the escort’s time and enthusiasm to be there! If you are meeting at your house, you want to make sure that your house is clean and welcoming for a guest.



There are a plethora of reasons someone wants to hire an escort, but one thing is for sure- most people would like to keep it discreet. The best way to guarantee yourself complete discretion so you can let go and enjoy yourself is by hiring through a premier agency. A licensed agency guarantees client confidentiality. This guarantee is also upheld by the escorts. A preimum agency is there to fulfil your fantasies, and this involves keeping things private so you can feel comfortable and enjoy your time.

The Don’t’s

Bargaining the Price

For a seamless hiring experience, understand that there is a specific price list. The prices for the services are pre-determined and consider not only the escort’s earnings but also the agency’s percentage, which covers their business expenses. In the same way, you would not haggle when paying for any other service. Hiring an escort is no different. So do not try to bargain the price, as the agency can turn you away. Prices can vary depending on which type of service you book and how long the duration of your booking is. While hiring a high-class escort might not come cheap, it is worth every cent.

Don’t ask Intrusive Questions

As the escort respects your privacy and does not pry into your life, this respect should be a two- way street. You can not ask the escort for any personal information such as real names, place of address, or any other intrusive question. You do not want to sabotage your meeting with the escort and risk cutting it short. So do not ask the escort to reveal any information, even if your intentions are pure. You want to make sure that all parties are feeling comfortable enough to have a good time.

Being Disrespectful

Throughout the hiring process, you must respect the escort and the agency’s policies. Similar to first meeting someone, you would not engage in any unpleasant or inappropriate discussions. While escorts are there for you to share your thoughts with and engage in stimulating discussions, you do not want to create any discomfort. So avoid topics with intimidating subjects like violence, and do not speak disrespectfully or make any negative comments. You also do not want to push for any extra services that you had not discussed before hiring the escort. Now that you are aware of all the do’s and don’ts, you can put these rules into action and ensure that you have the best experience possible!

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