Tantric Massage: All You Need To Know To Get Started

Tantric Massage

If you are bored of vanilla sex, tantra can move you into new realms of pleasure as you experience new sensations and connect deeply. Tantra is widely known as an erotic massage, although it incorporates breathwork, meditation, visualisation, yoga and even chanting! Tantric sex is considered a spiritual practice, where the goal is not to race to the finish line but to indulge in the sensual (and spiritual) experience. The focus during the massage is primarily on the sensitive areas like the vulva (referred to as the yoni massage) and the penis (referred to as the lingam massage).

What is the aim of tantra?

Orgasm is not always a necessity in tantra. Though it can most certainly be achieved during the massage, the practice of tantric sex is about removing energetic blocks and tension from the body and spirit. Since tantric massage is a spiritual practice, the receiver of the massage can experience spiritual and emotional healing. It creates a unique connection with your partner and a deeper connection to self.

Where to get started?

Create the right environment

For tantric massage, you need to create an inviting, sensual space to set the mood. So prepare the candles, incense, pillows, rugs, and a mattress on the floor, etc. Tantra is best practised away from the bed since this is your designated sleeping space. Also, make sure to load up on the virgin coconut oil!

Cultivating connection

The mindset to adopt before beginning is that you and your partner should prepare to receive pleasure without feeling the pressure of reciprocation. Start by sitting across from your partner and gaze deep into their eyes while taking deep belly breaths together.

Get into position

When you both feel ready, lay down on your back with your pelvis slightly elevated (you can try placing a pillow under your hips). Now that you have the provisions set for the tantric massage- continue taking deep inhales and exhales, concentrating on your breath. This puts you in an open state to receive and feel the sensations your partner’s touch creates on your body.

Start touching

Touching, rubbing, kissing and holding are all part of tantric sex, and to get the full experience, no penetration is necessary- unless you choose to do so. It’s a sensory exploration of your partner’s body that should not be rushed. The key is to be at one with your body and not stuck in your thoughts. Remaining present is how you will connect with your partner during this spiritual experience. When it comes to penetration during tantra, there are no aerobic movements involved. You will naturally find your body.

The yab-yum

A popular position, considered the “ultimate tantric sex position” is the yab-yum, also known as the lotus position. This iconic move requires one partner to sit cross-legged while the other straddles them. In this position, the partner who is on top can wrap their legs around their partner’s waist and capture each other in an embrace. This full-body hug is as intimate as it can get as it allows for deep eye contact and synchronized breathing. Penetration in this position is made easy as your genitals are perfectly aligned.

While you’re wrapped up like a lotus take your time and be slow with your movements so you can completely immerse yourself in the moment.

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