Keagles! Why Men Should Do It For Better Sex

When you hear the word keagles you probably think of pelvic floor exercises for women. While keagles are performed by women to support their pelvic organs, it is not only for women! Less known is that for men, pelvic floor exercises not only support their pelvic organs but also positively affect sexual function. That’s right- keagles can improve your sexual performance. From premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction, keagles can be a solution for both. They can even make your orgasms more intense. The best part is, they are super easy to do!

Scroll down for a deep dive into how keagles are a game changer in the bedroom.


Fight Premature Ejaculation

Not only does finishing fast plague young men but older gentlemen alike can experience a quick release. Keagles is a solution for longer lovemaking. The science behind it is that the urinary sphincter and other muscles that control ejaculation are strengthened. Just 12 weeks of practising keagles and you can see an increase in your latency time. In fact, you can even perform a few keagles while you are doing the deed to stop yourself from releasing early. The way this trick works is that your brain thinks that you want to pee when you squeeze your pelvic muscles, thus putting a hold on ejaculation since you are working with only one urethra after all. It can also lead to a stronger orgasm from the delay. A win-win for yourself and your rodeo partner.


Get a Harder Erection

When you are erect, you want to look erect. Keagles promote harder erections by improving blood flow to the groin area. In turn, good blood flow to the groin means an increase in pleasure during sex. With a harder reaction, you will find that during ejaculation not only is your orgasm more intense but also your bounce- back rate is much quicker. Keagles can also alter the look of your erect penis by causing it to point further up. (This is if your penis tends to point down or forward when you have an erection). So strengthen your pelvic floor muscles fellas.


Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Not the most cheery topic of discussion but a very important one. A natural treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) is kegel exercises. While medication is available for ED, pelvic floor exercises are a great place to start for reclaiming your sex life, and chances are, you might find there is no need for pills at all. Simple keagle exercises combined with some positive lifestyle changes can strengthen your core and pelvic area. This will ultimately help the penis to become erect and maintain the erection.


How To Perform Keagles

The best part is just how easy it is. As you may have gathered- you need to tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Tighten it and hold it for five seconds and then release. (You might even find your penis jumps a little from the contraction). Aim to complete 10 keagles in a row, and repeat 3-4 times. You can perform this exercise while sitting, standing or even whilst walking.

So incorporate at least 30-40 keagles a day and squeeze yourself into better sex.

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