How to Give HIM a Nipplegasm


If you have nipples, then you can have a nipple orgasm (also known as the nipplegasm). While some men may feel ambivalent about nipple stimulation, the truth is that you won’t know if you like it until you try it! It is a complete myth that male nipples are less sensitive. Often, people are sceptical about whether men can orgasm from nipple play the way that women are known to. The answer is yes! And you can thank your nerves for it. With thousands of nerve endings on and around the nipples, not only can you reach orgasm more quickly, but it can lead you to the big O from nipple stimulation alone. For some men even, there is a direct link between the nerves in their nipples and the sensations in their penis. So, if you want mind-blowing sex and intense toe curling orgasms- don’t be blas√© with the nipples.

Keep reading to learn the best stimulation techniques to send your partner climbing the highs of the endorphin rush!

Start slow

First, set the mood and get those nipples erect. Request your partner to take a few slow breaths to relax. For any sexual exploration, you need to get out of your head and be open to feeling all the sensations. Presence is key. Unless your mind is busy lost in sexual fantasies. Build up the temptation by stroking your partner’s belly and working your way up to the rib cage and then finally to the nipples!

Pro Tip: Once you get to the nipples, don’t rush things. You need to build up pleasure and warm them up.

Use your hands

Stroking: Male nipples are indeed smaller than female nipples, but the areola (while covering less area) is an area filled with sensitive-to-touch nerve endings. Start by stroking the edges of the areola before making it to the nipple. For lovers who prefer a softer touch, brush the area lightly and then take it up a notch with some deliberate strokes.

Pinching: With your thumb and index finger, squeeze to pinch the erect nipple. You can vary the intensity depending on what your partner enjoys. You can even yank the nipple towards you to pleasantly surprise your partner.

Flicking: For a milder sensation, soft, quick flicks can be extremely pleasurable. Kinkier lovers may prefer harder, slower flicks to cause a stinging sensation.

Scratching: Scratch the area, but be sure to do it slowly at first to gauge your partner’s reaction.

Pro Tip: Providing some verbal stimulation while stimulating the nipples can help your partner reach the finish line more quickly.


Take it up a notch with your mouth

Licking: Similar to oral sex, vary the strokes until you find the desired pressure, speed and direction. From swirling the tongue to lapping, from hard and soft tongue, figure out what gets

your partner going. You can even try French kissing the bud.

Sucking: Start by taking the whole areola in your mouth (to promote the release of oxytocin) and repeat the sucking techniques used during oral stimulation of the genitals.

Biting: For those who like it a little rough, give it a try. Just be mindful to not use too much force. You might also want to save it for when your partner is riding the waves of climax.

Pro Tip: Some men prefer variation in the movements used, whereas others prefer prolonged stimulation of one type.

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