How to Give HER a Nipplegasm

As an erogenous zone, tending to this area can send your sexual experience to the next level. We can thank all the nerve endings in and around the nipples for that! Stimulation of this sensitive area alone can lead to an orgasm (no penetration or genital stimulation required). What brings on this intense pleasure is the activation of the genital sensory cortex. Basically, your brain is interpreting the touch to your nipples as being the same as genital stimulation. So, if you or your partner are not paying your nipples the attention they deserve, it’s time to explore your body.

Keep reading to discover the techniques to bring her to the big O!


Let’s get straight into it

1. Don’t start with the nipple! The areola is full of nerve endings, and stimulating this area first is a delightful buildup for when you finally reach the bud. Massaging the breasts can also be a great way to get your partner to relax and open up to the waves of pleasure.

2. Experiment with different strokes and pressures. As the saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks.” The same applies to nipples. You can vary your moments to mix things up or stay consistent with one repetitive move.

3. Incorporate hot breath! When it comes to building anticipation, having your partner blow hot hair on the area can make you extra sensitive when they start using their mouth for direct stimulation.

4. Use your tongue. Pay attention to what your partner responds to. Whether you press down with your tongue or start lapping. Some people like long, deliberate strokes with a lot of pressure. Others prefer soft flickers of the tongue. You can even try swirling your tongue around the erect bud.

5. A nipple hickey! Start by sucking on your partner’s nipples to stimulate blood flow. Some women may find this painful, so adjust your pressure based on their preference and tolerance. While sucking the nipple, try to take as much of the areola as you can into your mouth.

6. If you and your partner enjoy a little kink, this one is for you. If it can be handled, nipple pinching and twisting is a sure way to send sparks to her genitals. Be sure to maintain open communication to avoid any discomfort or pain.

7. If you want to get even kinkier, nibbling and biting can elicit intense sensations. But do not limit these love bites to only the nipple. Move around the breast and save the nipple for last.

Pro Tip: During menstruation, your nipples are ever more tender and sensitive to touch, which can lead to powerful and intense orgasms.


If you have your head around the basics and you are ready to spice things up, consider the following to take it up a notch:

1. Clamps. Depending on how you wear them, they can be placed loosely for some added friction, or you can tighten them up for intense arousal. Some of them even vibrate!

2. On the topic of vibrators- they are your best friend if you want to go hand (or mouth-free). You can use them to massage and stimulate your way to a nipplegasm. The benefit is that this sensation spreads to the whole breast.

3. Hot breath is fun, but warm oils or hot candle wax is a whole new level. The application should be to the breasts and finally arrive at the nipple and commence with nipple play.

4. Alternatively, you can cool things down by adding ice. Bring the ice cubes into the bedroom if you want to see your partner covered in goosebumps and squealing. Even if they see it coming, it will not stop their body’s unwilling jolt of surprise once the ice makes contact with their nipple. Plus, it is a surefire way to make their nipple erect.

Are you excited to delve into nipple play? Put the above techniques into use!

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