Erogenous Zones: Where Are They and How Can They Be Stimulated

Sex is so much more than just bumping genitals. Don’t ignore all the other pleasure centres on the body when a simple caress can send chills down your spine. Erogenous zones are parts of the body that produce sexual arousal when stimulated. This is due to the nerve endings and receptors in that area. Some of these areas are typically ignored. That’s what makes it so hot when they are paid some extra attention.

Discovering your favourite spots can lead to mind-blowing orgasms, so it’s time to take things to the next level and find your spots!

Keep reading to discover where the erogenous zones are and how they can be stimulated. 

1. Lower Back

The nerve endings in the lower back run all the way down to the genitals. So, a sensual massage or some kneading of the muscles can send pleasurable sensations to your vitals. This area typically holds a lot of stress (no surprise) from all the tension you have accumulated throughout the day. So, kneading the lower back muscles not only eases strain but can help set the mood. So grab some massage oil and let the sensual massage begin.

2. Ears

The ears are considered sexual kryptonite, as they are ultra-sensitive and frankly don’t receive much attention. That’s why a light nibble or a soft caress can up the sexual tension. If you prefer a rougher touch, pulling on the earlobes with your lips or teeth can elevate the sexual experience. The patch behind the ears is even more overlooked, so a few kisses and soft licks can be highly arousing.

3. Back of the Knee

The skin of the back of the knee is an unexpected but uber-sensitive erogenous zone. An area that is rarely ever touched by partners or ourselves- making it all the more novel. You can excite the nerves in this area by running your fingers along the skin or by leaving a trail of kisses. Just find out if this area is ticklish first!

4. Scalp

There’s a reason why people find it so enjoyable to have their scalp massaged at the hair salon. Hair stroking is both calming and comforting. Fingernails running across the scalp can be highly arousing because our scalps are full of nerve endings. Lightly running your fingers over the scalp promises feel-good tingles.

5. Belly Button

Another area that one rarely thinks of as a sexy zone but the belly button is highly erotic. This is not only because of its proximity to the promised land but also because of its hypersensitivity. Gently circling the inside of the navel or even licking around it with light pressure can increase sexual arousal. Having the area gently sucked and pulled can also take things up another level.

6. Nape of the Neck

The most sensitive part of the neck is the nape. There’s a reason why hickey’s are so mainstream. Both men and women find this zone highly pleasurable when touched because of all the nerve endings. There are many ways you can stimulate this area, such as kissing, licking, sucking and massaging. Blowing hot air down the back of the neck can also raise goosebumps on your partner. Some people can even experience an orgasm from having their neck stimulated thoroughly.

7. Inner Thighs

The skin of the inner thighs when properly stimulated can be electrifying. The inner thighs are a precursor for the main event, but before diving ahead, you can elicit a big reaction from some teasing. The sensitive skin of the inner thighs can be sucked, nibbled and licked to have your partner panting in anticipation. Not only will they be eager for you to travel lower, but touches to the area packed full of nerve endings stimulate your loins (thanks to its proximity). So enjoy the build-up of sexual tension when loving this area!

8. Feet

So we’re not talking foot fetish here, but feet can be extremely sensitive. The pressure points in the feet are directly linked to the genitals- the foot fetishists are onto something! A foot rub is highly desirable for relaxation and for getting frisky. However, if you want to take it up a notch, toe-sucking can send electric shocks to the genitals (and mimic the sensations of receiving oral).

So if you can get over the taboo, get to sucking on the tootsies. Now that you know all the spots, go ahead and explore! Black Lace Escorts has a wide selection
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