Edging for Stronger Orgasms: A Technique for Better Sex

Looking for an electrifying orgasm? Try edging. Edging is an orgasm control technique where you bring yourself or your partner right up to the point of orgasm, and then you stop and start the buildup all over again. The aim of this is to boost sexual tension and heighten the sensations of pleasure. When you do finally decide it’s time for a release, the orgasm will be extremely powerful. Edging is not to be confused with orgasm denial, as even though orgasm denial incorporates edging, an orgasm does not occur. Edging is not about rushing to the finish line. It’s about prolonging sex and building your pleasure- either solo or with a partner.

If edging sounds enticing to you, keep reading to discover the techniques for an unforgettable orgasm.

1. The start-stop method.

Perform stimulation to your partner’s genitals as usual. When your partner is on the edge of having an orgasm, incorporate the start-stop method. Then, repeat the process all over again. The key is to pay attention to the moment just before orgasm so you don’t miss your window.

2. The squeeze technique.

For the men- while you are starting and stopping, add in the squeeze technique. After ceasing stimulation at the brink of finishing, give your penis a firm 30-second squeeze and then repeat. This will help heighten your sensitivity and help delay your orgasm for longer.

3. Create a diversion.

When you feel the build-up of tension in your body, stop the stimulation you were enjoying and switch to gentle caresses on a different part of the body. For example, your partner would stop stimulating your genitals and instead start running their fingers up and down your inner thighs. Creating the perfect diversion.

4. Ballooning.

For penis owners, we hope you have been doing your Kegels. This technique involves performing a Kegel right as you are about to slow down or stop the stimulation. It’s called ballooning, as you’ll see the erection deflating and then growing during this process.

5. Bring in the vibrators.

Start by using your preferred toy the way you typically would. The key here is to stop using the toy as soon as your partner is getting close to reaching orgasm. And then repeat, repeat, repeat. For vulva owners, a vibrator with an easy on-off switch works best as you can quickly turn the toy off seconds before your partner explodes.

6. Edging with tantric sex.

Edging is most loved by tantric practitioners since tantra is all about going slowly and being intentional with your movements. Tantra promotes connecting to your body to enhance sensations. So tantric edging urges that you focus on your breath while edging. Start by slowly inhaling when you are about to orgasm and focus on the energy moving throughout your body.

With edging you can take your orgasm to new heights. Looking for a sexy partner to try edging with?

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