Anal 101: Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Anal Sex

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If anal play isn’t currently in your repertoire of sexual pleasure, you might want to reconsider.
This puckered area contains a bunch of sensory nerve endings that can deliver toe-curling
sensations when stimulated. But keep in mind that for a safe and enjoyable experience, anal sex
requires some prior preparation and precautions. The rectal lining is extremely delicate, which is
why it makes anal sex so pleasurable-but it also makes it easily susceptible to tearing.

Keep reading to learn all the tips for having a safe and sexy time when engaging in anal play.

Eat Appropriately

The butt stuff does need a little prior preparation. The party preparing for penetration should eat
appropriately before the showdown. Spicy foods should be avoided to guarantee you and your
partner will not feel any discomfort from a burning sensation. Also, if you are lactose intolerant,
maybe skip milk in your morning coffee. Ideally, you would like to avoid any bowel movements
until after you have finished.


While a shower with soap is a must, there is a step further you should go in preparing for anal
penetration. Now, we aren’t saying you have to give yourself an enema but cleaning out the anus
is a great idea for achieving a deeper wash. You can grab an enema kit from your local pharmacy
and follow the simple instructions. When having anal sex, it is a possibility that there can be
some visible or invisible fecal matter- it just comes with the territory. As the penetrating partnerfocus on your hand hygiene. You should trim your fingernails short and smooth out any rough
edges. This will help keep things clean and diminish the risk of causing any cuts. To air on the
side of caution, all parties should shower after anal sex as well to prevent the spread of bacteria.


Do not skip the condoms. For anal sex, the condom is what can protect the spread of bacteria.
You should never switch from penetrating the anus to the vagina (or vice versa) without
changing the condom. This will prevent the potential spread of bacteria. Keep in mind to also
change the condom if you are switching between partners!


The anus, unlike the vagina, does not provide self-lubrication. You will need plenty of lube to
avoid causing any tears and spreading bacteria. A high-quality silicon-based lube is preferable for
anal sex because of its thicker consistency. Lube should be applied liberally and frequently to
help prevent injury and ensure you both have an enjoyable time.

Don’t skip foreplay

Anal fingering is a great way to get your partner aroused and relaxed before penetration. As the
one doing the fingering- wearing latex gloves (as long as no one is allergic) is a great option to
prevent any painful fingernail jabs or the spread of infection. Annalingus, or rimming as it’s
better known, is a surefire way to get your partner excited, and with a bit of consistency, can
even lead to an orgasm.

Start slow

If you are used to penetrating a vagina, keep in mind that the anus does differ. Going slow,
keeping open communication and using plenty of lube will help prepare the body for penetration.
The anus is typically a tighter fit than the vagina, which is why your partner will prefer gradual
penetration to ease into it. Introducing sex toys is also a great way to prepare your partner- just
be sure to lube up the toy.

Switch positions

Play around with different positions. The most beloved position for anal sex is doggy-style due
to its easy accessibility and ease of control. Other partners prefer the spooning sex for deep
penetration and the bonus of clitorial stimulation in this position. Whatever position you decide
to try, as the penetrating partner, it’s important to remember that you want to start slow and have
control over how deep the penetration goes.

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