6 Tips on Getting Ready for a First Date - With a VIP Escort

For the first time, you have booked a VIP escort and the big day is coming up. You’re excited, but the nerves have started to creep in. You don’t know what you’re doing, you’ve never done this before. You’re wondering how to conduct yourself. All you do know is that you want to create a great first impression and for the date to go well.

Check out these six helpful tips below.


1. Plan ahead

There is nothing worse than playing things by ear when you want to be sure that things will go well. Take the time to put some thought into the date. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do together? Consider trivial things like the weather and signifcant things, such as what you hope to ultimately get out of the date. Is it a good time that calls for a fun activity, or do you want to spend some quality time discussing various topics over a candlelight dinner? Whatever it may be, plan ahead and make sure you have a reservation if the location calls for one.


2. Get yourself in a good mood

Whether that is blasting music and singing along or a relaxing sauna session where you cannot be disturbed- get yourself in a positive mood to show up as your best self. Nobody wants to sit across a Debby downer for an hour. There is an energy exchange when you interact with anyone. If you are in a good mood, this will be felt. The same applies if you are in a bad one. There are plenty of things you can do to get you feeling your best; try spending 30 minutes in the sun getting vitamin D or going for a walk to get your dopamine levels up.


3. It’s all about smell

Want to smell irresistible? Of course, do not under any circumstances skip your daily showering routine and also consider going the extra mile. We have all heard of pheromones, but what about pheromone perfume? It is a type of fragrance that enhances the wearer’s ability to sexually and romantically attract others. Needless to say, don’t skip out on the cologne when you’re getting ready to leave the house for your date.


4. Presentation is key

Start with your hair- are you in need of a fresh cut? Being well-groomed is key to looking and feeling your best. Make sure to not neglect your facial hair since it’s on, well your face. Your outfit is also something you want to put some effort into. Whether you want to dress up or down depending on the occasion and location. Typically, a well-fitted silhouette is the way to go. Just make sure you don’t look constricted. You want to be comfortable otherwise you won’t have any fun.


5. Pay attention to your body language

If there is one thing you shouldn’t do on a first date, it’s cross your arms. This is a sure way to send a subconscious message to your date that you are neither happy nor comfortable to be in her presence. So do the opposite. Uncross your arms and make sure you aren’t holding any objects like a glass (this also creates the impression that you are closed off). Smile and maintain eye contact with your date. This not only shows that you are friendly but that you are also open to conversation.


6. Be interested to be interesting

Yes, we all love talking about ourselves, but people love being around someone who demonstrates that they are listening and are actually engaged in what they are saying. You can trust that a VIP escort knows how to make you feel like you are the most interesting person in the room, but the chances of the date going well increase when you show her some attention as well.


Remember, a first date with a VIP escort is the same as any other date you have been on before.

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