6 Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex


In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the Goddess of sexual love and beauty. So it’s no wonder that the name for food and beverages that inspires sexual desire is aphrodisiacs. If you’re new here, aphrodisiacs are foods and beverages (sometimes even herbs) that help you get in the mood for sex. They’re said to amp up sexual arousal, desire and even attraction. Now, they may sound too good to be true but there is science behind why these foods and beverages kick start your sex drive.

Let’s review the 6 aphrodisiacs that can improve your sex life.

1. Oysters

This seafood delicacy is possibly the most well-known aphrodisiac, and it’s all due to its richness in zinc. Zinc is a mineral known for helping with sexual maturation. It is known to help with the production of the hormone testosterone- the hormone that aids in feelings of sexual desire. While you can’t expect to finish a plate of oysters and expect an immediate increase in libido, this delicate creature does assist in sexual performance and promotes desire.

2. Garlic

Now for the aphrodisiac that isn’t as known or associated with desire. Yes, you read that rightit’s garlic. Now, we aren’t saying to go out of your way to eat garlic before a date, but garlic does contain high levels of allicin, which is known to increase blood flow. A few cloves of garlic and you can experience an increase in sexual stamina. Ancient civilisations are said to have used garlic in love positions and fertility elixirs!

3. Ginger

While there are many health benefits that ginger provides, an increase in sexual arousal is another one of them. Ginger improves blood flow and helps widen blood vessels. The release of nitric oxide also helps to relax muscles. So, improved blood flow, widened blood vessels, and relaxed muscles equals stronger erections. Whether it’s a ginger shot or a chewable, get your blood flowing with this herb.

4. Avocados

If it is any indication, the word “avocado” literally means “testicle”. This may be because avocados are, in fact, good for your testicles. They are jam-packed with vitamin E, an antioxidant known for widening blood vessels. They are also high in potassium, which helps with energy levels and kick-starts your libido.

5. Red wine

While you have heard that high levels of alcohol can increase your chances of erectile dysfunction, if taken in moderation, red wine can boost your libido. Red wine contains a flavonoid called quercetin, which increases levels of sexual desire and arousal. It is no wonder red wine is considered a staple for date nights.

6. Teas

This feel-good beverage that is consumed all around the world also doubles as an aphrodisiac. Thanks to its fragrant aromatic chemicals, tea blends can enhance your sexual desire. Its high antioxidant concentration also boosts the production of testosterone. Besides, the mere act of sharing a cup of tea boosts intimacy and emotional connectedness.

Try one of these aphrodisiacs the next time you want a natural remedy to boost your sex life.

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