5 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are thoughts, mental images, or stories that arouse erotic desire. There are countless sexual fantasies out there, but there seems to be a consensus about which fantasies are people’s favourites.

Scroll down to find out what the most common sexual fantasies are and whether they tickle your fancy!


1. Role-play and Cosplay:

Role-play is creative exploration, where you or your sexual partner pretend to be someone else in the bedroom. Individuals play out what that role or scenario would be like in their imagination. There are endless roles and scenarios you can come up with to keep things new and exciting.

In the same realm of role-playing is cosplay. The difference is this sexual fantasy involves dressing up. The act of dressing up helps you and your partner to immerse yourself in the role. Plus, the costumes are another added form of visual stimulation.

Nurse and patient play, for example, is a popular fantasy- just check how many nurse’ costumes are available in party stores. Practically any costume you can think of is available on the internet.



2. BDSM:

A popular buzzword these days- is BDSM, the consensual sexual exchange of power. The world of power dynamics is enchanting to many, with a wide variety of fantasy scenarios to play out. Activities can range from sensory experiences (involving blindfolds for visual deprivation, all the way to using ice and hot wax for intense sensations). Something as subtle as having your wrists pin down, to extremes such as bondage, pain and humiliation.

Typically, one partner is the dominant whilst the other is the submissive, however, some individuals like to switch roles. As the word suggests, being the dominant means you are in the driver’s seat of the sexual experience. The submissive is in a position of obeying the orders of the dominant. All this is done with safe measures in place such as prior boundary setting and an agreeance of a safe word. This fantasy is so common because people crave to give up control, while others want to be in control. It also involves a level of vulnerability that can be highly arousing



3. Taboo Activities:

Exhibitionism has been around for hundreds of years. Why? Because it can make you feel incredibly sexy to be watched while you are in your most sensual state. During this performance, you are the star of the show- whether it’s a strip tease for an audience of one or being ogled by many pairs of eyeballs. Keep in mind that public nudity or sex is illegal so if you’re looking for the thrill of exhibitionism, make sure it occurs between consenting adults in a private location.

Voyeurism is another big turn-on for people as watching something you typically shouldn’t be seeing is exceptionally erotic. Think of it as stepping into a private, intimate moment between individuals that you typically would not be privy to. The excitation felt by individuals comes from visual stimulation as well as through aural stimulation.



4. Multiple Partners:

The ambitious trysts of threesomes or “moresomes” are the fantasy of not only men but many women. This one may be a little self-explanatory- two heads (or three) are better than one. What is better than receiving pleasure from someone? Receiving pleasure from multiple people at the same time. Not only is this fantasy so hot for the double or triple pleasure it promises but it also adds novelty as it’s typically a rare event. There is also a sensory overload that occurs during the session as there are more smells, more sounds, more tastes, and more fun bits to play with.



5. Intimacy and Sensual Massage:

There is a craving for intimacy by both sexes, as men and women desire cuddles and caresses. This is where the popular term “happy ending” comes in. This sensual massage typically involves candles, coconut oil, and politely requesting a sweet rub down. Not only can this activity prep the receiver’s body for sex, but it can also send you to the heights of arousal resulting in an orgasm, a “happy ending”.



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